Top Bitcoin Mining Software for Windows and Linux

Bitcoin Mining Software

To mine Bitcoin, you need hardware and software. The hardware takes care of the real Bitcoin mining process. However, the Bitcoin mining software is just as important. If you mine Bitcoin on your own, the Bitcoin mining software connects your computer system or rig to the Blockchain. If you’re a member of a Bitcoin mining pool, the mining software connects you to the pool. However, if you’re mining through the cloud, you don’t need a Bitcoin mining software. With that in mind, here are the Bitcoin mining software for Windows and Linux to leverage;

BTCMiner is an open source Bitcoin mining software

It’s an open source Bitcoin mining software, which means its source code is open for developers to make modifications to it. You can also customize it to your preference. It comes with a ready-to-use Bitstream, which means you don’t need any license or Xilinx to use it. The software can automatically choose the frequency that has the highest possible rate of valid hashes, thanks to the dynamic frequency scaling capability. With supported FPGA boards that encompass a USB interface, it allows easy programming and communication.

Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Miner is compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It comes with interesting features, such as user-friendly interface, mining pool support, and power saving mode. The most important feature on Bitcoin Miner is the Profits Report Feature that helps you determine if your Bitcoin mining Business is profitable or not.

EasyMiner is one of the best Bitcoin mining software out there

It’s GUI based mining software ideal for both individual and pool mining. It’s able to support the stratum and getwork mining protocols. It can configure your mining rig and offers performance graphs to visualize your mining activity easily.

CG miner is a Linux based Bitcoin mining software

It the most popular and commonly utilized Bitcoin mining software for Linux. It’s based on the CPU miners code. It has a huge array of features, but the key ones include remote accessibility, fan speed control, CPU mining support, Multi GPU support, and detection of new blocks.

BFG Miner is also a Linux based Bitcoin mining software

This is also one of the most popular Bitcoin mining software for Linux. The main selling point of BFG miner is that it’s able to mine with free mesa/LLVM, as well as OpenCL.


Mining software can help you mine Bitcoins effortlessly and fast to increase your profitability. With the rapid expansion of technology, more powerful Bitcoin mining software is expected to come up that make mining Bitcoins a lot easier.